Dear Forge 1 Fans,
we still have to perfect our kickstarter campaign, in the next days we will announce the definitive campaign start, which is related to the shipment of the first 50 unities.
For the delay, we decided to join to our apologies a free resin pack for each mounth of delay, starting from the 1 of august.
It Makes 3 resin packs extra for the antecedent subscribers.

Fabrizio Guadagnino
CEO Visionsforge


In this  Video,straight out of the camera, we show the functionality of forge 1, with decisive mesurements.


Dear Forge 1 fans,
In this on purpose uncut video, we show the electronic and software functionalities.
The qualty is poor, because it is like it came from the camera and light had to be dark, for having a certain amount of contrast, which normally is much higher, because the machine is totally closed and not like in this case without roof, side and front doors and with demounted front part.

The movements of the z axis are very subtle, you have to look carefully to see it.

we would like to show the printing process but it is impossible, if we put resin on the VAT you will not see the display, with the platform into it, and the contrast is needed for printing.
Everything must be closed.

But the video is straight out of the camera, you see everything important working fine.
Something about the noises:
In reality is the machine much quieter, you can notice the noises on the mouse clicks and wheel; in reality they are never so loud as in the video.
The machine is also without roof,side door, front doors and front part, once it is closed, the noise is minimal.

Fabrizio Guadagnino
CEO Visionsforge


Dear forge one backers,
there are some problems, and we did not answer your questions about delivering date till now, because we were searching for solutions.
we explored different options, that would have lead to totally different scenarios.

The biggest problem was that we underestimated the difficulty of bringing a prototype to serial readiness.
Our main plan was a serial production of more than 500 unities, for less we had a plan b as you know.

The further development and production of the 50 unities was much more expensive and time consuming as planned.

We explored the way of selling shares of visionsforge, but the offers we had were not acceptable.
There were negotiations which took too much time, and if they would have lead to an happy end, we would have told you: folks, everything is fine, tomorrow we will begin with the delivering of the machines.

We found a solution: A kickstarter campaign

If we deliver the machines, we will not be allowed to start a kickstarter campaign, because it would be not crowdfounding anymore, and it is the most important condition they pose.
Now we are much more prepared for a new campaign, thanks to you all, and we will sell at least 200 unities, at higher price though, that way, also the plan b machine will be profitable and the gain will cover the development cost we had till now.

The campaign will last 30 days and will start within one mounth from now.

The new delivery date is: 15 october 2017.

We apologize and rely on your understanding.

Fabrizio Guadagnino
CEO Visionsforge

In this Video made by us, we show the  mechanical functionality of the plan B unit

In this Video we show the  guides for the first 50 Forge 1 drawers.
We chose high quality guides with a big load margin and they should last many  years, like all other components.


in this short video made by us we show 400 panels, made of composite aluminum / polyethylene and Makrolon panels.

Further you see the steel brackets for connecting the various panels together and 50 kg of polyester resin,50 square meters robust glassfiber,10 kg gelcoat and materials for making the molds and building the whole front part and the roof.

In The second part of the video, there are some macros of the cnc machined panels.



We are preparing a revolution

At Visionsforge, we are not just creating technology: we are leading a revolution.

Our team of young and fresh professionals is working hard to innovate in the realm of 3D printers. We are entering the market with vigor and enthusiastically moving forward with ideas that are based on such universal principles as convenience, ease-of-use, and accessibility.

Forge 1


 Forge One is the world’s first printer to use the light of a tablet for resin curing. This printer is bound to become a market leader very quickly.



Combining high resolution, zero backslash nuts, high-resolution stepper motor, and high-end ball bearings, you can count on Forge One to get the job done right the first time.


We have designed Forge One with home and office use in mind, insulating the motor and closing the architecture in order to make it a ultra-quiet printer.






With our intuitive and straightforward software, turning your visions into reality is a cinch. The time between when you take Forge One out of the box and when you print your first object will be much shorter than you would expect.



 Slicing the 3d model


High Volume

Similar SLA printers have only half the build volume as Forge One and cost ten times as much money. Forge One features a spectacularly high print volume, saving you tons of cash in the long run.



Purchasing our high-quality resins from an industry leader in large quantities, we pass on our discounts to you. When you buy a Forge One, we think of you as our newest partner.

explanations about the video below

Forge 1 utilises daylight resin and normally is totally black inside it. explanations about the video below

The only way to film Forge 1 in action, was to open the doors wide open, to demount the lower front part for having a descent viewing angle.Forge 1 utilises daylight resin and normally is totally black inside it.

After that, we put the platform much higher than the normal starting position (which is in the VAT), otherwise, you would not be able to see the tablet, projecting light from below the Vat and for the same reason it is empty.


 In the video below you see the self test that Forge 1 does to its Z-axis, which is succeful when the vibrations sensors do not register anomalous vibrations, which would compromise the print quality.

Hyper Ecological

For every Forge One that we sell, we will plant a tree with your name on a ribbon. Visionsforge CEO Fabrizio Guadagnino has already gotten permission from his father to use his land in Italy for this purpose.


Forge One can be your printer for life, as all future hardware upgrades will be easy to install and implement.

Finally you can print really big and extremely precise

Made in switzerland

Engineered and manufactured in Switzerland, Forge One is a piece of machinery that you can count on. Use it often, use it rigorously: Forge One will stay standing.





Ready on Delivery

Straight out of the box, Forge One is ready to start printing. Fully assembled, fully calibrated, and fully tested with our 1.8-liter resin pack, your package will be quality-checked extensively before it arrives.


Forge One has been designed to stay in fashion for years. The simple architecture and style will suit your home in the year 2050 just as well as they do in the year 2017.


Thanks to the wireless charging of the tablet, bluetooth and wifi connections, there is not a single cable to plug in, just put the tablet into the drawer and that`s all

Available in 5 different colors

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